by Ancient One

Well….. we know why you are in such a hurry to destroy the Black Race little silly ignorant inferior supreme white people. You know that your numbers have been dwindling since your beginnings in our beautiful Black Sun! Since the early 1980’s you were losing at least 100,000 people a year to skin cancer from sun exposure and since then; those numbers have more than doubled! Your people are dying in the millions each year from our Black Sun! And from your own scientific reports….that is more than 40% of your own population! DAMN!!! Didn’t I tell you before that the Black Conscious Mind knows EVERYTHING?! Is this the TRUE reason why you are declaring a state of emergency of the natural animal white family called stupidly your “demographic winter?” You knew your time was VERY limited on our Black Earth. So quit playing and just go. Oh but I still forget……you can’t go anywhere until WE literally throw you out!

You see…….I don’t know why people refuse to see what is staring them directly in their faces. You people are just NOT a natural product of the Universe, Nature or the Earth. You are NOT Human! You get fleas in your hair…oh I mean lice…same difference! Your skin peels in its entirety off of your body like an animal. You can’t even see at night. You can’t stand in the warmth of the Natural Beautiful Sun! What are you? I said before that even polar bears have Black skin under their white coats and you white people have NOOOOO Color whatsoever! And when you go to suntan… turn Orange! This Is So Not Natural white people! Stop denying your inferiority! You are the only people in the world without color. Who can’t see because you lack Melanin in your eyes. You stop at a certain intelligence level because your brains lacks Melanin. You can only use 10% of your brain due to lack of Melanin. (didn’t think we knew this huh?). You don’t have the capacity to think as a Human does because you have a calcified Pineal Gland. What exactly are you? And you know that you aren’t natural to this world, this is why you are always concocting stories that you are from Mars and the Moon! You are funny as your Hell! Your little silly inferior ignorant supreme white selves are from the cursed Cain son of satan.  Accept it……’ll feel much worse, but at least you’ll know the origins from whence you really came.

Now as far as depopulation of the silly white race goes; the Earth, Nature and the Universe takes care of itself. It is self-sustaining and self-sufficient. And when the time comes to destroy and eliminate what doesn’t belong and what pollutes the Earth and the Universe… acts accordingly on it’s own. ALL FORCES AND BODIES IN REST AND MOTION!!! HA! HA! You are the race of people that are TRULY being exterminated from off the face of the Earth! The little silly ignorant inferior supreme white people are the ones who will be extinct soon and it will NOT happen in no 2050! In the Bible it states,”There will NO LONGER be a time period for prophecies; when I speak it, then will it happen!” And ALL Biblical Prophecies MUST come to pass…it is just the way it is silly white people! You Are Currently Being Depopulated white People! So there……the Earth’s overcrowding problem is now being solved! What’s not natural cannot exist!

“THERE IS NO WEAPON IN THIS WORLD THAT YOU CAN MAKE THAT WILL DELAY OR DESTROY THE GOD THAT IS CURRENTLY MANIFESTING WITHIN THE BLACK RACE. We are the original creators of this world and those from the beginning are being called now for the end. AND WE ARE READY FOR YOU….YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHAT HIT YOU!  Our fore knowledge is coming back to us and we are awakening! We know who we are now and the power that we possess. It’s great for us and hell for you!


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